Why the New Journey?

After a very busy holiday weekend with my family, I decided to work on my blog for a bit. As I was working on one of my drafts, my five-year-old daughter came closer, hugged me, and said: “Diva’s Journey…ooooh… how is that going, mommy?”

As I explained my blog to my daughter, I could not help but notice how her eyes lit up with excitement. My goal as a mom is to always nurture her curiosity with positivity and encouragement. It was quite refreshing to talk to her about my new journey and the different topics I plan to discuss. She was particularly interested in knowing if she would be featured in any of my future blog posts.

So, why a blog? Why add one more activity to my list of so many others? One of the most common questions I get asked by many people is: “Where do you find the time to get involved with so many organizations and activities?” I have to admit that, it is a legitimate inquiry. In fact, I wonder the same thing at times. As I contemplate about my life and all the pieces involved –  motherhood, nonprofit management, community support, board member, full-time employee, and traveling, I, too, wonder where I find the time to be so involved with my family while supporting local organizations and projects.

Upon considering the important aspects of my life, my response to the “Why” is a simple question: Why not? Creating a blog seems like a great way to share my experiences, support my fellow bloggers, and expand my network and add to my resource portfolio. In fact, I would not have it any other way. I enjoy being busy…well, busy with positive, interesting, and productive endeavors. I believe that it is all about a person’s personal priorities. I choose to give priority to things that are important to my family and to things I enjoy…making sure that I always put my family first. As long as my home, my sanctuary, is taken care of first, the sky is the limit. As long as I do not offend anyone nor hinder my relationships, I say…why not?! My advice to anyone contemplating a new project, idea, or journey is: Go for it! Do that one thing you have always wanted to do! Take a chance!

I am still in awe about this new journey as I evaluate my personal relationship with writing. During my undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, writing was not my forte. This was because while in the process of obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in accounting, my main focus was on balance sheets and computations. It was not until I began my graduate studies at Suffolk University in Boston, MA, that I started to enjoy writing. After all, if I remember correctly, all assignments as an MPA student entailed some sort of research and writing. This process continued with my involvement as the founder of an international nonprofit organization and as a new student in a doctoral program at Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

It has now been a little over a week since I began this new and exciting part of my life! I am enjoying working on my various drafts and the learning process.

Thank you Vanila Silva, my dearest friend, for sharing the above quote with me..I received it just in time for this blog post!


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